How to make a delicious Hot Pastrami sandwich

There are a lot of variations of the famous Pastrami sandwich nowadays but before you try out the different versions, you should first give the original pastrami a taste. Find out how the first pastrami was made and try making your own sandwich to enjoy!

Brief Background

Ever wondered where the Pastrami sandwich originated? This delectable Romanian specialty was introduced to the United States during the 19th century. The dish and word pastrami came from the Turkish word, “pastrima”. A New Yorker named Sussman Volk produced the first pastrami sandwich in his butcher shop in 1887, claiming he got the recipe from a friend from Romania. Volk began preparing pastramis according to the recipe given to him and started serving it on sandwiches. The pastrami sandwich then became so popular that he turned his butcher shop into a restaurant of pastrami sandwiches.

The original New York pastrami is made from beef or veal brisket and is usually cured in brine along with other spices such as garlic, coriander, pepper, mustard seed and cloves. It will then be smoked until it breaks down into gelatin. It is normally served on rye bread along with coleslaw and some dressing to add to the flavor.


Here are the ingredients you’ll need in creating a yummy and savory pastrami sandwich.

You will need:

5 ounces of sliced pastrami
1 tbsp. of whole-grain mustard
3 ounces of beer
3 slices of onions (make sure the ring is intact)
1 tbsp. of oil
A dash of salt and pepper to taste
Some rye bread (French rolls with also work)


First, you should preheat a grill or your frying pan. While waiting for it to heat up, season the onions with salt and pepper and brush it with a little bit of oil. Get another saucepan and mix the mustard and beer and bring to a boil. Next, add the pastrami slices and simmer it for about 3 minutes. Move on to the onions and grill it on both sides. You can also toast the bread on the side of the grill where it is a bit cooler. As soon as all the ingredients are heated, you can now prepare the sandwich. Slice the bread in half, put the pastrami, and add some coleslaw, sauerkraut or corned beef to your sandwich if you wish. Russian dressing can also be added to give the flavor a bit of contrast.

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